gkyl AppsΒΆ

Gkeyll Apps are top-level objects that solve a class of problems. Apps make it easy to setup a problem as the steps in the algorithm are pre-packaged. Although the apps are usually flexible enough to support most use cases, there may be problems for which a more fine-grained control over the simulation is required. In this case, the user has the option of directly instantiating various Gkeyll objects (grids, fields etc) and calling updaters in a custom hand-coded time-stepping loop [1]. This process can be complicated and is described elsewhere.

The following apps are available in Gkeyll.


[1]The concept of apps was introduced in Gkeyll 2.0. In the 1.0 version of the code the input files contained the complete simulation cycle. Although Gkeyll can still be used in that fashion, it is best to switch to the app model as it simplifies the user input considerably.