Papers and Doctoral Dissertations

A good source of various benchmarks and other tests is A. Hakim’s Simulation Journal.

Doctoral Dissertations

  • Ng, Jonathan. “Fluid closures for the modeling of reconnection and instabilities in magnetotail current sheets”. Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, 2018. PDF
  • Cagas, P. (2018, July 30). “Continuum kinetic simulations of plasma sheaths and instabilities”. Ph.D. dissertation, Virginia Tech, 2018.
  • Shi, E. L. (2017, August 24). “Gyrokinetic Continuum Simulation of Turbulence in Open-Field-Line Plasmas”. Ph.D. dissertation, Princeton University, 2017 arXiv:1708.07283

Physics and algorithm papers

  • Dong, C., Wang, L., Hakim, A., Bhattacharjee, A., Slavin, J. A., DiBraccio, G. A., & Germaschewski, K. “A Novel Ten-Moment Multifluid Model for Mercury: From the Planetary Conducting Core to the Dynamic Magnetosphere”. (2019, April 4).
  • J. M. TenBarge, J. Ng, J. Juno, L. Wang, A. Hakim, & A. Bhattacharjee. “An extended MHD study of the 16 October 2015 MMS diffusion region crossing”. (2019, March 15).
  • E. L. Shi, G. Hammett, T. Stoltzfus-Dueck, & A. Hakim. “Full-f gyrokinetic simulation of turbulence in a helical open-field-line plasma”. Physics of Plasmas, 26(1), 012307–14. (2019)
  • T. N. Bernard, E. L. Shi, K. Gentle, A. Hakim, G. W. Hammett, T. Stoltzfus-Dueck, & E. I. Taylor. “Gyrokinetic continuum simulations of plasma turbulence in the Texas Helimak”. (2019)
  • A. Sundström, J. Juno, J. M. TenBarge & I. Pusztai. “Effect of a weak ion collisionality on the dynamics of kinetic electrostatic shocks”. Journal of Plasma Physics, 85, 2019.
  • B. Srinivasan and A. Hakim. “Role of electron inertia and electron/ion finite Larmor radius effects in low-beta, magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability”, Physics of Plasmas, 25, 092108, 2018.
  • Wang, L., Germaschewski, K., Hakim, A., Dong, C., Raeder, J., Bhattacharjee, A. (2018). “Electron Physics in 3-D Two-Fluid 10-Moment Modeling of Ganymede’s Magnetosphere”. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 41 (A3), 8688–16.
  • Juno, J., Hakim, A., TenBarge, J., Shi, E., Dorland, W. (2018). “Discontinuous Galerkin algorithms for fully kinetic plasmas”, Journal of Computational Physics, 353, 110–147.
  • Pusztai, I., TenBarge, J. M., Csapó, A. N., Juno, J., Hakim, A., Yi, K and Fülöp, T. (2018). “Low Mach-number collisionless electrostatic shocks and associated ion acceleration”, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 60 (3), 035004–11.
  • Shi, E. L., Hammett, G. W., Stolzfus-Dueck, T., Hakim, A. (2017). “Gyrokinetic continuum simulation of turbulence in a straight open-field-line plasma”, Journal of Plasma Physics, 83, 1–27.
  • Cagas, P., Hakim, A., Scales, W., Srinivasan, B. (2017). “Nonlinear saturation of the Weibel instability”, Physics of Plasmas, 24 (11), 112116–8.
  • Cagas, P., Hakim, A., Juno, J., Srinivasan, B. (2017). “Continuum kinetic and multi-fluid simulations of classical sheaths”, Physics of Plasmas, 24 (2), 022118–12.
  • Ng, J., Hakim, A., Bhattacharjee, A., Stanier, A., & Daughton, W. (2017). “Simulations of anti-parallel reconnection using a nonlocal heat flux closure”, Physics of Plasmas, 24 (8), 082112–5.
  • Wang, L., Hakim, A. H., Bhattacharjee, A., & Germaschewski, K. (2015). “Comparison of multi-fluid moment models with particle-in-cell simulations of collisionless magnetic reconnection”. Physics of Plasmas, 22 (1), 012108–13.
  • A. Hakim, G.W. Hammett, E.L. Shi, “On discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of second-order derivatives”. (2014). arXiv:1405.5907