Gkeyll can be used freely for research at universities, national laboratories and other institutions. In general, use in commerical (for-profit) companies is not permitted, even if used for research. If you want to use Gkeyll in a commerical enviornment, please ask us first.

We follow a open-source but closed development model. Even though read access to the code is available to everyone, write access to the source-code repository is restricted to those who need to modify the code. In practice, this means researchers at PPPL and our partner institutions. In particular, this means that for write access you either need to have jointly funded projects or jointly supervised graduate students with Princeton University/PPPL.

In general, we allow users to “fork” the code to make their own modifications. However, we would appreciate if you would work with us to merge your features back into the main-line (if those features are useful to the larger Gkeyll team). You can submit a “pull request” and we will try our best to merge your changes into the mainline. Contributed code should compile and have sufficient unit/regression tests.

Gkeyll, Postgkyl and this documentation is copyrighted 2016-2019 by Ammar Hakim.