Print data to screen.

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Command help
pgkyl pr -h
  Usage: pgkyl pr [OPTIONS]

    Print the data

    -u, --use TEXT  Specify a 'tag' to apply to (default all tags).
    -h, --help  Show this message and exit.

This command allows us to print a dataset to screen. Large data sets like time-traces or multidimensional data might fill up the screen, so this might not be a good way to explore those. However, since postgkyl does not plot 0D data (single points), it is useful to print those to screen.

For example, we could integrate the initial number density in the two stream instability simulation and print out the total number of particles to the screen with

pgkyl two-stream_elc_M0_0.bp interp integrate 0 pr

and produce the following output: